May 18, 2024

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Severe US weather will be felt in Quebec

A hurricane hit the United States on Thursday, April 25 and the effects of this violent weather will be felt as far as Quebec over the weekend.

In short:

  • Thunderstorms in many parts of Quebec

  • Several tens of millimeters of rain

  • Disruptions until early next week

Severe weather is headed for Bellevue

Severe storms, strong winds and rain will travel as far as Ontario and continue down the path to Quebec due to a very specific atmospheric current.

Storm 1

“The jet stream is a current of powerful winds, a conveyor that transports all the air masses from west to east. Because the jet stream ripples, it can bring precipitation, moisture and even mildness from the Central America home,” said meteorologist Nicholas Lessard. explained.

Storm 2

What to expect in Quebec?

Although this Saturday will be very pleasant, the weather will be changeable towards the end of the day. Thunderstorms and several millimeters of rain are expected in areas of TĂ©miscamingue.

Storms will move eastward across the province during the night from Saturday to Sunday. A few lightning strikes are possible in Montreal, south of Quebec, but these disturbances will likely continue their path toward Caspé during the day and decrease in intensity. On the other hand, the entire province will be submerged in water this Sunday.

Storm 4

Rainfall will continue intermittently with rain on Monday, April 29 and last until Thursday, May 2.

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