April 20, 2024

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Sexual misconduct: Host Chris Guomo, his brother Andrew’s strategist

Chris Cuomo plays behind the scenes as an unofficial adviser to his older brother. Forced to resign In August 2021, after the avalanche of allegations, he always denied and had already been exposed. But documents published on the Attorney General’s Office’s Letidia James website reveal a greater amount of help than is known in the public relations arena.

Chris Cuomo, a law graduate who was called to testify before New York investigators, admitted to blaming the former governor for New York’s misconduct when prosecutors began appearing in Public Square in February and March 2021. Regular contact with his brother.

Host Cuomo Prime Time, A transcript of the 348-page testimony, admitted that the nearly 64-year-old former Democrat exchanged messages with key advisers in the governor’s office.

The footage in the file, which contains several emails and text messages, but several paragraphs in it have been edited, specifically showing that he was in close contact with Melissa Trosa, a key collaborator of Andrew Cuomo.

The 51-year-old patron urged his brother’s office to help deal with the allegations because he challenged the strategy used to deal with them.

You have to trust me […] These are better than others, He wrote for example in a text message dated March 10th. We make mistakes we can’t bear.

He went so far as to order press releases in which he recommended providing detailed answers to the allegations.

Press contacts were used

According to his testimony, but also from the texts, Chris Cuomo also used his press sources to obtain information about the accused.

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Three days after an article New York Times who The third was said to be the victim During a wedding in September 2019, Andrew Cuomo said he wanted to kiss her, for example on March 4: I have some information about the bride.

However, he denied that he did not want to hide his brother.

I was worried it was not handled properly, and this too [n’était] Dealing with it is not my job, right?

A quote Chris Cuomo in an interview with investigators in New York on July 15, 2021

I did not work for the governor. I did not defend him in this matter. I did not hide it. You know, […] That’s not what I do, He told investigators.

The Washington Post In May 2021 he revealed the advisory role played by the youngest of the Cuomo siblings and reported on his participation in conference invitations dedicated to the strategy surrounding crisis management. Chris Guomo encouraged his brother to stay in office.

CNN ruled Inappropriate Its coordinator is involved in such exchanges. He later confessed to committing an act Wrong.

Apparently, I know what is happening to my brother. And since he is my brother I can not hide him, He said on the broadcast in early March, saying the network would not do without transparency.

I am not a consultant. I am a brother. I did not control anything. I was there to hear and tell my opinion, Five months later, after Letidia James’ statement, sparked his involvement.

During the epidemics, Andrew Cuomo was a regular guest on his brother’s show, which thrilled audiences but also drew criticism locally.

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According to figures provided by CNN Cuomo Prime Time The channel recorded the highest viewership in the third quarter.

Fallen model

Earlier this year, New Yorkers demonstrated demanding the resignation of Andrew Cuomo.

Photo: Getty Images / Scott Haynes

Attorney General Letidia James on Monday released online transcripts or videos of interviews with several former Andrew Cuomo associates, describing their efforts to challenge the allegations.

Andrew Cuomo, who lost support after emerging as a national political star during the epidemics, was aiming for a fourth term in office, eventually deciding to throw himself to pieces, avoiding an indictment.

The resignation of the politician, son of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, came eight months and a week after the first charge. Bad statement from the Attorney General Released in early August, in New York.

In his 165-page report, the latter documented the case of 11 women who were allegedly targeted for inappropriate gestures or comments by Andrew Cuomo.

It was Charged last month For sexual offense. The complaint alleges he wasForced touch It will take place in December 2020 at his official residence in Albany, the capital of New York State.