June 14, 2024

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Should Baker Mayfield offer his guaranteed salary cut to secure his release?

Detroit Lions v Cleveland Browns

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The bridge between Brown and Baker Mayfield may blur. Thursday report from ESPN.com’s Jake Trotter It shows how bad it is. Even if the brown needs Mayfield because of a long time Deshaun Watson Commenting, Mayfield appears to have been set against him.

So what will happen next? Brown holds his rights to 2022. Mayfield holds a ticket to $18.8 million in guaranteed pay. Brown has nothing to lose by waiting. Mayfield has nothing to gain by delaying the inevitable.

This is a simple solution. It’s the same as Brown and receiver Odell Beckham Jr. arrived in November. Mayfield lowered his guaranteed salary, and Bunyan let him go.

It’s not clear what it would take to strike a deal, if Mayfield is willing to cut his salary – and whether Brown is willing to release him for a lower take.

But it is worth exploring. Mayfield could make the difference with another team this year. If he doesn’t, he will nonetheless be in a position to make solid salaries in 2023.

It may be too late for Brown and Mayfield to agree on anything. The sooner they strike a deal like this, the sooner Mayfield can find a new landing spot, with more than enough time to prepare for a great season in 2022.

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