April 23, 2024

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South Africa feels “punished” for discovering the new variant

South Africa, after the announcement of a confusing new variant of its citizens around the world, feels “punished” and treated unfairly, as its scientists discovered and learned from it. Soon the alarm sounded.

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The government believes there is nothing to be ashamed of and condemns its stigma for reporting bad news, as many South African internet users are outraged.

“These recent travel bans are punishing South Africa for its advanced genetic sequence and ability to quickly identify new variants.

“New variations have been discovered in other countries. Each of these cases has no recent connection with South Africa. It should be noted that the reaction to these countries is quite different from that in South Africa, “the foreign ministry said in a statement.

He also recalled that in support of the “risk-based scientific approach”, the World Health Organization called on “world leaders not to act with impunity.” Without much effect. But Pretoria apparently “connects” with this position.

Until Friday evening, the day after this new variation was revealed during a press conference of scientists under his leadership, the Minister of Health condemned the Pavlovian and “horrific” reactions of many countries, closing their borders immediately before learning more about it. Its danger.

“Some leaders are looking for sacrifices to solve the global problem,” he said, condemning Joe Fahla and provoking a “panic” reaction.

Pretoria fears the impact of these closures on “families, travel and tourism industry, businesses”. But they prevent themselves from reporting the discovery of future variations in other countries.

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“We are sometimes punished for acting with transparency,” lamented South African virology star Tulio de Oliveira, with his team at the KRISP research institute, who found the difference.

According to a Brazilian researcher from Zulu, travel bans in the fight against COVID “do not make much sense scientifically.” Washington had imposed a similar embargo on China at the start of the epidemic, he recalled, before ending with a high number of infections.

The government pleads that South Africa has many assets against the epidemic: its “test capability”, use of health protocols, especially in terms of transportation. Its vaccine size – 23.8% against 54% of the world’s population, is small, but significantly higher than the rest of Africa.

These elements are “supported by a world-class scientific community, and we must reassure our global partners that they are in control of the epidemic,” Pretoria argues.

Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor wants to remind people that “the epidemic requires cooperation and expert sharing” if they “respect” the right of their citizens to protect themselves as they see fit.