May 22, 2024

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South Korea and the United States have flown warplanes since the Pyongyang missile attack

South Korea and the United States have flown warplanes since the Pyongyang missile attack

Seoul said on Tuesday that South Korea and the United States sent military aircraft, including pirate warplanes, overseas off the Korean Peninsula in the wake of North Korea’s latest missile launches.

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Sixteen South Korean warplanes, including F-35 stealth fighters and four U.S. F-16 jets, have formed an offensive force in the western Yellow Sea to “threaten the enemy,” Seoul allies said in a statement.

The Allies have “demonstrated their strong ability and willingness to strike quickly and accurately against any provocation by North Korea,” he added.

The airstrikes, which involved about 20 military aircraft, came the day after the two countries fired eight ballistic missiles at targets in the East Sea, also known as the Sea of ​​Japan.

The ten-minute salvo came after Pyongyang fired eight short-range ballistic missiles from four different locations at 30-minute intervals on Sunday. According to researchers, these experiments are the most important in its history.

Despite tough sanctions, Pyongyang has stepped up efforts this year to improve its weapons program. Officials and analysts have warned that Kim Jong Un’s regime is preparing to test a nuclear bomb again.

US State Department No. 2 Wendy Sherman, who is on a three-day visit to Seoul, has warned that the Pyongyang nuclear test could provoke a “quick and strong” response.

“Any nuclear test is a complete violation of UN Security Council resolutions,” he told reporters after meeting with his South Korean opponent.

He said the whole world would respond “strongly and clearly”.

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“We are ready,” he said, recalling that the United States was ready to resume talks with the North, adding that Washington had “no ulterior motives” against Pyongyang.

Tuesday’s air maneuvers are the Allies’ third joint force show under new South Korean President Eun Suk-yol, who has vowed to tighten his position in Pyongyang.