April 23, 2024

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State funeral for Colin Powell

(Washington) The United States on Friday paid tribute to Colin Powell, the first African-American foreign secretary who died during a national funeral in Washington Cathedral on October 18.

In the presence of President Joe Biden and his wife Jill and key leaders of the Pentagon, former diplomat Madeleine Albright spoke of a role “past history because her virtues are Homeric: honesty, dignity, loyalty and unwavering commitment to her profession and keeping her word.

“The military adored him, his opponents respected him, and he was far more famous in the foreign ministry than his predecessor,” Colin Powell joked about his victory as head of the foreign ministry.

Photo by Marcy Nicewander, Archives Associated Press

Photo taken in 1991 by General Colin Powell

In addition to the presidential couple, former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, his predecessor George W. Bush. Bush and his wife, Laura, were former First Lady and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Her husband, Bill Clinton, was recently hospitalized with an infectious disease.

Photo by Evelyn Hawkstein, Reuters

Presidents Joe Biden, Barack Obama and George W. Bush attended the funeral.

Colin Powell, who died at the age of 84 from complications of COVID-19, was the first African-American and young man to serve as chief executive from 1989 to 1993, before becoming the first black foreign secretary under the Republican presidency. George W.. Bush.

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His son Michael Powell paid tribute to his military dedication. “He loved the players with all his heart,” he said. “He knew you couldn’t ask players what you weren’t ready to do.”

The son of Jamaican immigrants born in Harlem, Colin Powell joined the U.S. Army in 1958, where he rose through the ranks before becoming Chief of Staff, and in 1991 became known for managing the first Gulf War against Iraq.

Known for his moderate stances, he was predeceased by George W. Bush. When Bush was chief diplomat, he saw his life tarnished when he expressed his unwavering support for the war in Iraq.

On February 5, 2003, he joined the UN. He made a lengthy speech to the Security Council on the alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. In particular, he shook a bottle, and for him, anthrax, a popular movie.

He later admitted that the performance was a “stain” on his reputation.

Photo by Evelyn Hawkstein, Reuters

Joe Biden and his wife Jill Alma chat with Powell.

He married his wife Alma in 1962 and he had three children: Michael, Linda and Annemarie.