July 16, 2024

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Strange leak: Neon green liquid dripping from ceiling at Miami airport

Strange leak: Neon green liquid dripping from ceiling at Miami airport

A leak at Miami International Airport raised a lot of questions Thursday, none less than a glowing green liquid that reportedly started leaking from the ceiling in one of the passenger waiting areas.

“Crews were immediately dispatched to investigate and the fluid from the spill was determined to be non-hazardous. Cleanup efforts were completed within 90 minutes,” Miami International Airport X promised, according to the “New York Post.”

Around 9 a.m. Thursday, passengers preparing to board their flight from Miami Airport in Florida reportedly raised eyebrows when they saw a large amount of liquid leaking from the roof.

The problem is that it was a glowing green liquid that began to spread on the ground, in front of shocked witnesses, as we can see in videos shared on the Internet by witnesses of the scene.

“It’s really crazy,” a passenger can be heard saying at X behind the camera.

Fortunately, despite the questionable color, the liquid in question was not a health hazard, officials decreed. In fact, it will simply be a mixture of water and green dye, which can be used to detect a leak and find its source, an airport representative clarified in a press release, according to US media.

In this case, the air conditioning system of the airport may have leaked, he continued.

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“The valve of the pipeline has been closed to prevent leakage and clean-up efforts are underway,” he said.