April 16, 2024

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Strike Expands Its Range To Orlando, Atlanta And Honolulu – Deadline

Strike Expands Its Range To Orlando, Atlanta And Honolulu – Deadline

SAG-AFTRA is expanding its strike activities outside of Los Angeles and New York this week, with picket lines and rallies in Orlando, Atlanta and Hawaii.

In Orlando, SAG-AFTRA members will gather outside the Disney Resort entrance this afternoon for a “quick photo shoot,” the union says. In Atlanta, the union will hold a rally in support of tonight’s strike at the offices of IATSE Local 479. This morning, the cast gathered for another “quick photo session” at Magic Island Beach Park in Honolulu; A rally is also scheduled for Tuesday at the Hawaii State Capitol.

Sit-in signs and strike-support T-shirts will be made available at each location, the union said, “until supplies last.”

On the fourth day of the strike, most of the sit-ins remain in Los Angeles and New York. In Los Angeles, where the strike will take place until noon PST due to the heat, the union will continue to strike outside all major studios. In New York, the strike is taking place at the offices of Netflix, Warner Bros Discovery, Amazon, HBO, Paramount + and NBCUniversal.

But the union told its members that more events will be held across the country in the coming days.

“We are a national federation, and we are actively working to identify picket and rally locations and distribute leaflets across the country,” the union told its members on its website. We’ll add them here as soon as we’re done, so check back frequently and monitor your email and SAG-AFTRA’s social media for updates on new opportunities to support the strike. If you have ideas for rallies, posted events, and other ways to support the strike, please email to the local CEO.

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