April 13, 2024

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Christopher Nolan on retiring from filmmaking and if he’ll ever direct another superhero movie – Deadline

Christopher Nolan on retiring from filmmaking and if he’ll ever direct another superhero movie – Deadline

Christopher Nolan is one of the most celebrated directors in Hollywood Oppenheimer It is set to be released in theaters this week. The director is opening up about his stance on the idea of ​​retirement and whether he’ll ever make another superhero movie.

During a recent interview, Nolan was asked about his future in the film industry and how he sees himself in the years ahead. On the one hand, Quentin Tarantino has said he will retire after his 10th film, while Martin Scorsese continued making films into his 80s, but recently admitted that he is getting older.

“The truth is, I understand both points of view. It’s addictive to tell stories at the cinema. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s so much fun,” Nolan said during an interview on the website. CinemaBlend’s Podcast Real Blind. But I also see…Quentin’s point has always been–and he’s never, very kindly, never specified which movies he’s talking about or anything–but he looks back at some of the work that filmmakers have done in later years and feels that if he can’t To live up to the pinnacle, it would be better if it didn’t exist. And I think that’s the purest point of view. It’s the point of view of a movie lover who appreciates the history of film.”

Nolan said he wasn’t “totally sure I’d trust my own sense of the absolute value of a piece of work to know whether or not it should be thrown.”

the Interstellar The director said he’s a “big fan” of films that don’t “always fully achieve what they’re trying to achieve” and adds, “I think (I) wanted to keep a kind of perfect reputation for something, but also kind of don’t want to take anything off the table.”

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In a separate interview with Hugo Décrypte’s YouTube channelNolan said he saw himself making films in the next ten years and dropped the idea of ​​making a TV series.

Nolan continues to get high praise for the Batman trilogy that turned Christian Bale into the Dark Knight. When asked if he would direct another superhero movie, he said, “No.”

However, when the YouTube host asked Nolan if he would direct a star Wars Film, he paused and hesitated before saying, “Bitter.”

Nolan’s unwillingness to direct another superhero movie is pausing fans in hopes of adding another entry to the series The Dark Knight Saga Bale also said he would only play Bruce Wayne again if the director was behind the project.