June 17, 2024

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Submarine Crisis | In Rome, Biden summoned Macron to court to sever ties with France

(Rome) One has raised promises of “affection” multiple times, while the other, in diplomacy, like love, ruled that “announcements are good, evidence is good”: Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron met in Rome on Friday. Page where they fell on Australian submarines.

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Repeated handshakes, smiles, and a pledge of his “great affection” for America’s “old ally” France, helped their independence …

Photo by Ivan Vuci, Associated Press

Joe Biden showed off the treasures of goodwill against Emmanuel Macron on Friday

The US president did not give up his efforts with his French envoy who received him at the French embassy in the Vatican, Villa Bonaparte.

He even called his family roots. “Some of our French parents came with Lafayette,” the president said, his full name being Joseph Robinette Biden in civil rank.

The meeting, with face-to-face and later delegates, lasted nearly an hour and a half.

Photo by Kevin Lamarck, Reuters

He was measured more in his gestures and tone than the French president.

Finally, the French president made it clear to the press that he was now interested in firm initiatives with the Americans, at which point the United States made clear the rivalry with China as a series of actions. The strength of their diplomacy.

“Hope is like love, statements are good, evidence is good,” said Emmanuel Macron.

“What we did was awkward and not done very neatly,” Joe Biden told reporters shortly before the diplomatic crisis meeting between the two countries.

Photo by Kevin Lamarck, Reuters

After entering the French embassy holding each other on their shoulders, the two principals had a long discussion. Joe Biden told Emmanuel Macron that France was “the most valuable partner” in his view.

He promised Emmanuel Macron in a surprising statement: “I had the impression from the very beginning that France would not be contracted (for submarines with Australia). Before God, I promise you, I do not know you will not.”

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This regret is most evident today in the announcement of the US Defense Alliance with Australia and the United Kingdom, which surprised France.

“We have clarified what we need to clarify,” Emmanuel Macron said of the alliance, which sees the US throwing France and Australia a major deal for submarines.

“I look to the future”

Henceforth, he declared that he “must look to the future,” measured by his gestures and tone rather than by the American president.

The future for the French president’s strongholds listed after the meeting in the joint statement.

Photo by Ludovic Marin, France-Press Agency

French President Emmanuel Macron and US President Joe Biden shake hands during a meeting on October 29, 2021 at the French Embassy in the Vatican in Rome.

France and the United States will engage in “clean energy bilateral cooperation” by the end of this year.

Still, according to the press release, “France and the United States want to strengthen their cooperation in space affairs.”

One theme particularly dear to the French, who have been seeking blessings from Washington for many years in their efforts to build European security, is “America recognizes the importance of strong and highly functional European security”, and “NATO” is complete.

The two leaders want to start a “strategic dialogue on military trade”, especially export recognition.

Washington added, “France and other European countries have provided additional resources for Sahel to support counter-terrorism efforts.”

Coordinate alliances

French President Joe Biden, who was eager to consolidate America’s European alliances that were abused during Trump’s presidency, found Rome Mario Tragi, the head of the Italian government, to be seen by some critics as a new strong man in the European political scene. .

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The meetings will raise a curtain following the key COP26 climate meeting in Glasgow ahead of the G20 summit under the Italian president on Saturday and Sunday.

In the absence of Chinese and Russian presidents, Joe Biden wants to set the tone.

He reassures anyone who wants to hear him say that the United States has “come back” to launch a major offensive against authoritarian regimes, despite being hampered by difficulties in obtaining huge public spending to vote at home and a chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

During a meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and again with Emmanuel Macron, he will also have the opportunity on Saturday to get closer to his allies across the Atlantic.

At the initiative of Germany, the four countries want to reconcile their positions before resuming discussions on Iranian nuclear power.