June 14, 2024

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Supreme Court judge approves billionaire payment ban

Supreme Court judge approves billionaire payment ban

(Washington) Clarence Thomas, one of the two conservative justices on the US Supreme Court, has criticized the Republican for benefiting from the largess of a billionaire who admitted in 2019 that he paid for two lavish stays. Friday media.

The documents, dated May 15, 2023, indicate that billionaire Harlan Crowe and his wife, Katie, completed their previous declarations to include accommodation and food expenses during their July 2019 stay in Bali (Indonesia), California. In the western United States.

Clarence Thomas and another conservative Supreme Court justice, Samuel Alito, were singled out for taking large sums of money from Republican billionaires.

In 2023, the dean of the court, Clarence Thomas, where he had sat since 1991, had already admitted in his financial declaration for 2022 that he traveled for free on a private plane owned by the businessman for “security” reasons. », after a series of revelations in the media.

In May, during a conference, he again railed against the “pettiness” and “lies” of his family’s victims of Washington’s microcosm.

Under pressure, the Supreme Court adopted a code of conduct in November that failed to silence criticism as it lacked any sanction or enforcement mechanism.

In addition to more general principles, particularly conflicts of interest, the Code sets out rules regarding participation in public events or acceptance of gifts.

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