June 15, 2024

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Russia: 4 Indian students drown in river

Russia: 4 Indian students drown in river

Four Indian students drowned in a river in Velikiy Novgorod in northwestern Russia this week, local officials said.

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“According to primary information, students were bathing (…)” in a restricted area of ​​the Volkov River not far from the municipal beach, the local branch of Russia’s Investigative Committee, which is responsible for major investigations, said on Friday. . in the country.

When two of them were swept away by the current, the other two rushed to their rescue and “a short time later, all four pigeons were underwater,” he said in a statement.

The first body was found by rescue divers the day after Tuesday’s tragedy, and the second was pulled from the water on Friday, according to the same source.

Research is ongoing, the press release emphasizes.

According to Novgorod Region Governor Andrey Nikitin, all four are Indians studying at a local university.

“According to preliminary information, four students of Novgorod State University from India drowned,” he wrote in Telegram on Tuesday.

According to Russian media, the students were between 18 and 20 years old and were studying medicine.

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