May 24, 2022

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The CIA has said there is no “concrete evidence” that Russia will not use nuclear weapons

The director of the CIA, Bill Burns, said Saturday that the CIA, America’s leading intelligence agency, did not see Russia preparing to use tactical nuclear weapons in the conflict in Ukraine.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is determined to continue the war in Ukraine, but its director, Bill Burns, said on Saturday that the CIA, the United States’ main spy agency, saw no indication that it was preparing to use tactical nuclear weapons in the conflict.

President Putin told a conference organized by the Financial Times in Washington that he was “in a mood not to lose” and that “doubling efforts would allow himself to move forward.”

Opposition from the Ukrainians had not yet encouraged him, because “he relied heavily on the choices he made to launch this invasion.” Burns continued.

Nevertheless, he says, the CIA does not at this point find “conclusive evidence that Russia is preparing for deployment or use of tactical nuclear weapons.”

“Based on the (…) warlike statements we have heard from the Russian leadership, we cannot take this possibility lightly,” he added, noting that his company was “very focused” on the issue.

As soon as the invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, Russia placed its defenses, including nuclear weapons, on high alert. Vladimir Putin also made subtle indirect threats that he was ready to use these tactical nuclear weapons.

The Kremlin’s master promised a “quick and lightning” response in the event of external interference in the conflict.

Russia has a number of tactical nuclear weapons less powerful than the Hiroshima bomb, and according to its “rise-and-fall” principle, it must first use a low-powered nuclear weapon to regain its advantage during a routine conflict. West.

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