July 16, 2024

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The end of Joe Biden and the return of Donald Trump

The end of Joe Biden and the return of Donald Trump

When asked his age, Joe Biden always answered take care of me. We literally “saw” it during this discussion and it was devastating.

At 81, Joe Biden is a shadow of himself. He is a part-time leader who works from 10 am to 4 pm. Imagine him at the helm of American power until he is 85. It’s as scary as Donald Trump’s re-election.


After Joe Biden’s disastrous debate, we’re witnessing a debacle at the polls. Biden now trails by 8 points according to the latest Leger poll New York Post. Other CNN pollsters (49%-43%), The New York Times (49%-43%) and The Wall Street Journal (48%-42%) all measure the same trend.

Worse still, three-quarters of voters (75%), including a majority of Democrats (56%), prefer a candidate other than Joe Biden!

Next week is important

Panicked by the polls, challenged by his own leaders and abandoned by big donors, Joe Biden no longer has a chance to defeat Donald Trump.

Only Joe Biden still believes it today. Maybe he really is getting old and no longer understands the signals he’s getting.

Trump’s return

For the first time since 2020, Donald Trump received 50% of the popular vote, significantly higher than 46% in 2016 and 47% in 2020.

Convicted of sexual assault, tax fraud, corruption and perjury, Trump lost only 3% of his voting intentions during his trial, and he regained them a few weeks later. Conversely, a bad debate for Joe Biden could cost him more than this 3%. The moral of this story is that Americans prefer thugs to an old man in the White House.

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The want

Biden is so close to the door that his team has already started Spinner His deputy Kamala Harris is the only alternative. Not wanting to lose power, the democratic machinists are preparing their plan.

But they soon lose control want Behind the scenes are already active. No other candidate can beat Trump today except former First Lady Michelle Obama. He leads Donald Trump by ten points in the polls.

Replacing Joe Biden and unifying the Democrats is a big challenge, but defeating Donald Trump and making people angry is an even bigger challenge.

Donald Trump has never been closer to returning to the White House. Look after him

Voting Objectives Leger/New York Post

candidate Before the discussion After discussion
Biden 45% 42%
Trump 43% 50%
Others 12% 8%

Leger Poll/New York Post

June 27-28, 1001 respondents

Do Democrats have a better chance with Joe Biden or someone else?

with %
Joe Biden 25%
The other candidate 75%


June 28-30, 1279 respondents

Who can replace Biden?

Democratic candidate Republican candidate
Michelle Obama 50% D. Trump 39%
Kamala Harris 45% D. Trump 47%
Pete Boutique 43% D. Trump 47%
Gavin Newsom 43% D. Trump 48%
Gretchen Whitmer 42% D. Trump 47%


June 28-30, 1279 respondents