May 18, 2024

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The father allegedly tortured his son on a treadmill

The father allegedly tortured his son on a treadmill

A New Jersey father has been charged with killing his 6-year-old son after allegedly torturing him on a treadmill to lose weight, according to the “Daily Mail.”

On Wednesday, the fifth day of Christopher Gregor’s murder trial, forensic pathologist Dr. Thomas Andrew became emotional as he described the fatal injuries inflicted on his son Cory Migliolo.

The victim, who died in April 2021, lost his life due to blunt force trauma to the chest and abdomen, lacerations and lacerations to the liver and lacerations to the heart, the expert explained.

Thomas Andrew, Corey Migliolo showed signs of “stress cardiomyopathy,” a heart condition caused by chronic stress, “suggesting continued physiological stress due to mistreatment or abuse.”

In the first days of the trial, the court saw shocking footage of the defendant forcing his son to run on a treadmill. Christopher Gregor picked up his son several times when he fell off the treadmill.

The footage was taken at a New Jersey gym two weeks before Corey’s death, hours after he was dropped off at his father’s house by his mother and rushed to the hospital unconscious.

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