July 14, 2024

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Recaps and Confused Comments: Trump Shows Signs of Physical and Mental Decay

Recaps and Confused Comments: Trump Shows Signs of Physical and Mental Decay

Donald Trump is making Joe Biden’s advanced age one of his main campaign arguments, portraying himself as a dynamic leader. But the reality is less stark: The Republican, who celebrates his 78th birthday on Friday, is showing significant signs of physical and mental decline.

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Almost every day, the group of the billionaire presidential candidate in November releases videos of the Democratic president stumbling, stuttering, looking pompous or disoriented during public events.

These extracts, even if they distort reality at times, are edited and judiciously cut, all of which are illustrations of the impotence of Joe Biden’s regime.

Jason Miller, one of Donald Trump’s closest advisers, said in a video of the 81-year-old president at the G7 in Italy that “his brain is not ticking at this point.”

Sharks and Sinatra

So many criticisms that one almost forgets that Donald Trump isn’t getting any younger either.

On Friday evening, the former president blew out his 78 candles during a large gathering in Florida.

“Join us to celebrate the birthday of the greatest president of all time,” reads the invitation, urging guests to dress in the colors of the American flag.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are only three and a half years apart.

But political scientist Matthew Foster underscores that “it’s clear there are significant physical differences” between the two, which, among other things, fuel the Democratic president’s hesitant and rigid approach.

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However, the expert points to the high spacing of Donald Trump’s campaign rallies, his rejoinders and his ironic guffaws, “which give him the air of an awkward old uncle,” and no doubt explain his age.

During a campaign rally in Las Vegas on Sunday, he launched into a disturbing narrative detailing shark attacks, electric batteries and electrocutions.

Joe Biden’s team called the speech “confused and confusing.”

In recent months, Donald Trump has alternately confused the Hungarian and Turkish leaders, warned that the world is heading for a second and third world war, and referred to ambiguous exchanges with Frank Sinatra.

“When I Lose Control”

The Republican president is not subject to the same medical disclosure requirements as his Democratic presidential rival.

As head of state, Joe Biden undergoes medical examinations every year, the results of which are reported in great detail to the press by the White House physician.

In contrast, no details about Donald Trump’s health have been leaked for years. fast food. In mid-November, the Republican simply released a short letter from his doctor saying he was in “excellent” health and that he had lost weight — without specifying how much.

In early January, the Republican promised during a meeting with supporters that he had recently taken a cognitive test and passed it “with flying colors.”

Also promise: “I’ll let you know when I’m losing control, and I think I can tell you.”

“Not decisive”

Whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump wins in 2024, both will be the oldest US president to take the oath of office.

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But does it really matter to voters?

Matthew Foster, a professor at American University, doubts it.

“The real question we have to ask ourselves is, are they going to vote for Trump because he’s younger and more energetic?”, hoping that debates on the economy, immigration, crime or abortion will weigh more.

In a fractured country where elections can be decided by a few tens of thousands of votes, he assures that the age of the candidates “will not be the decisive factor”.