May 26, 2022

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The field was 50 degrees Celsius and it was not over

Saturday, May 14, 2022 11:51 AM – Not only in Quebec, we are recording heat these days. South Asia is currently suffering from a suffocating episode.

The intensity of the heat wave was recorded at 50 degrees Celsius in the city of Jakobabad in Pakistan yesterday. It is the first 50 C of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.


But already, the mark has been distorted, while it was recorded at 51 ° C this Saturday in Jakobabad.

A (very) long chapter

Since the end of April, Pakistan and India have been experiencing severe heat waves. Unprecedented temperatures have caused water shortages in both countries. The electricity supply also paid the price for this extraordinary heat sequence. In some places there was a load reduction of almost twelve hours.

To make matters worse: The Indus River Basin, which supplies almost 90% of Pakistan’s water, has lost 65% of its flow due to a lack of rain and snow. Thus Pakistani farmers are in great fear. Already some crops have completely withered due to the sun.


Some statistics

According to The Guardian, early April was the hottest April in 122 years in northwestern and central India. On the last Saturday in April, the city of Jakobabad touched 49 degrees Celsius, one of the highest April temperatures ever recorded anywhere in the world.

It is also to be recalled that last year, the city of Durbar in Pakistan recorded the highest temperature in the world in May with 54 degrees Celsius.

We hope the impact of the heat will lessen in both countries. For now, however, the models indicate that the heat wave will continue until Monday. A slight drop is expected at the beginning of the week, but the temperature will rise again, probably reaching 50 C again.

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