May 22, 2024

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“The Idol” Gets a 5-Minute Celebration at its Cannes Premiere; Sam Levinson Emotional In Speech – Deadline

“The Idol” Gets a 5-Minute Celebration at its Cannes Premiere;  Sam Levinson Emotional In Speech – Deadline

Sam Levinson idolThe new HBO series starring Lily-Rose Depp and Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye received a five-minute standing ovation after dropping out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival Monday night.

After airing the first two episodes of the series, which premieres next month, Levinson, The trance The creator, who co-created this with Tesfaye and Reza Fahim, gave an emotional address to the crowd at the Grand Theater Lumiere, flanked by two superstars.

“I’m so proud of this show, and I’m so proud of how we did this show,” he said, adding, “I feel like I’ve gained a family… I know it sounds a bit cultural but that’s the way it feels.”

Tesfaye, a pop star who is making her acting debut, was also wiping away tears.

idol It stars Depp as Jocelyn, Britney’s super-ambitious character who’s recently hit it big in the world of dog-eating showbiz. After a nervous breakdown derails her latest tour, she is determined to claim her rightful place as America’s greatest and sexiest pop star.

The first two episodes shown tonight introduced Depp’s Jocelyn, who is unhappy with her comeback record and wants to undo his release. Then the character meets Abel Tedros (Tesfaye), a nightclub manager with a sordid past, at his club – it’s an instant hookup. Coercive control runs quickly with some 50 shades-level BDSM and make her remix her record that night, filling it with the sounds of her sexual panting.

Her label doesn’t go to the new remix and tell her to put it together; They lost a lot of money due to its collapse and pulling out of the tour months early.

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Then the character of Abel gets hard to come by, with glimpses of him surrounded in a kind of harem as he electrocutes one of the men’s genitals with a taser. Then he basically told Jocelyn he was moving on.

Meanwhile, we learn that Tedros is a “music director” as well as a club owner. But Jocelyn’s live-in best friend/assistant is already suspicious, and Jocelyn’s team and manager (Hank Azaria) takes a deep dive on his past – dude is trouble but no one knows yet how much trouble.

Troye Sivan also stars Dan Levy, Daphne Joy Randolph, Eli Roth, Hari Nef, Jane Adams, Jenny Robbie Jane, Mike Dean, Moses Sumney, Rachel Sinnott, Ramsey and Susannah Soon.

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Levinson recalled Depp’s performance in his remarks tonight.

“Abel and I, we’re counting our lucky stars someday that you’re Jocelyn — you’re fearless,” he said. “Thank you for taking that leap.”

Levinson, Tesfaye and Faheem executive produce with Kevin Turin, Ashley Levinson, Joseph Epstein and Aaron L. Gilbert for Braun and Sarah E. White. Levinson also directs. The HBO series is being produced in partnership with A24.

It premieres on HBO at 9 p.m. on Sunday, June 4.

Patrick Hibbs contributed to this report.