May 21, 2024

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The Knicks star returns to action against the Pacers

The Knicks star returns to action against the Pacers

Start of the third quarter update: Jalen Brunson returns and starts the second half

The Knicks, their fans inside The Garden and everyone else can breathe a sigh of relief as Brunson returns to the game to start the third quarter.

Update: Jalen Brunson returns to the field for halftime warmups

Brunson returned to the field to warm up at halftime, and was greeted with a standing ovation and chants of “MVP!” From the crowd.

Jalen Brunson leaves game two

Jalen Brunson was on a tear in the playoffs, but now there are some questions about the status of the Knicks’ star guard for the remainder of Game 2.

Brunson left his team’s match against the Pacers in the Eastern Conference semifinals on Wednesday night late in the first quarter. The team later announced that Brunson’s return was questionable due to a right foot injury.

It is unclear when the injury occurred.

Brunson returned to the locker room after leaving the game. Then his father and Knicks assistant coach Rick Brunson left the bench, while team president Leon Rose was not in his seat for most of the second quarter.

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Rick Brunson and Rose later returned while Jalen Brunson remained in the locker room.

Brunson had five points when he left the game.

Entering Game 2, Brunson had scored 40 points in four straight playoff games (he had 39 points in the game immediately preceding this streak).

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Without Brunson, it’s clear the Knicks will face an uphill task.

But the team and its entire fanbase are now hoping the injury is not serious.