March 2, 2024

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The Last of Us series on HBO shows its first footage in the new trailer

The Last of Us series on HBO shows its first footage in the new trailer

HBO has revealed the first TV adaptations of Naughty Dog’s movie the last of us On Sunday, he gives the audience a brief glimpse into the series Scheduled to arrive in 2023. And it’s brief – the roughly 20-second trailer dedicated to showcasing what’s coming to HBO Max in the coming months and next year focuses on the last of us and its stars, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey.

Likes previous glimpses of the last of usThe trailer looks very committed to PlayStation games. Ramsay as Ellie, and Pascal as Joel recreate a heated moment of dialogue from the video game Naughty Dog, and the heartbreaking opening of the last of us Joel’s daughter makes a short appearance. The footage also brings up the innate remains of Clicker and gives us a brief glimpse of Nick Offerman as Bill.

the last of us Follows Joel and Ellie as they make their way across the post-apocalyptic United States ravaged by a mysterious disease that turns people into dangerous monsters. Along the way they meet all kinds of characters, some friendly and many others who are just as dangerous as the infected they escape from.

The series is written by Craig Mazen, the author and writer behind it HBO’s Chernobyland executive production Neil Druckmann from Naughty DogThe studio that developed The Last of Us video games. The series also stars Gabriel Luna.Terminator: Dark Fate(Like Tommy and Anna Turf)Mindhunter) like Tess. the last of us It will show 10 episodes in its first season. There has been no official announcement of a second season.

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