May 21, 2024

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The new iPad Pro performs well in the extreme bend test, outperforming the previous generation

The new iPad Pro performs well in the extreme bend test, outperforming the previous generation

the New iPad Pro It’s here and the inevitable YouTube stress tests are already on the Internet. JerryRigEverything And AppleTrack published Videos of the bend test, and they both seem to come to the same conclusion: the new iPad Pro holds up well to extreme force and seems very resistant to bending during normal use.

AppleTrack He repeated the same bends with the M2 iPad Pro and the new M4 iPad Pro for comparison, and while the M4 iPad Pro came out almost unscathed, the M2 iPad Pro had a final crease in the corner near the cameras. JerryRigEverything praised the device for its “black magic levels of structural integrity,” at least when bent horizontally.

The device yielded to pressure more easily with vertical bending, perhaps due to the force counteracting the axis of the new reinforced internal chassis and the weakness of the charging port openings at the bottom.

While iPads bend with almost any force, the tablet returns to its normal shape under almost all normal conditions. Testers needed strength far beyond what you’d expect from normal everyday life in order to get a lasting bend.

Perhaps most impressively, even after being subjected to extreme force levels, all of the iPads continued to work including the cameras and touchscreen responsiveness – albeit with a very bent and shattered glass surface.

At least based on these initial impressions, it doesn’t look like we’ll have a repeat of the #BendGate from 2018. This controversy arose when the new 2018 iPad Pro form factor debuted, and some customers found that the devices would bend even under normal use, sometimes even bending directly Out of the box.

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Subsequent revisions, including the latest 2024 generation, don’t really show the same symptoms. However, you should still take care if you put your iPad in your bag under a lot of heavy books, for example.

Watch their videos here to see how the M4 iPad Pro performed in terms of bend test durability:

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