May 21, 2024

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The first patch for Hades 2 makes you faster

The first patch for Hades 2 makes you faster

Supergiant Games Roguelike Games Abyss 2 I’ve been going out in Early access For a little over a week and a half and it’s been pretty great (and Disgustingly hot) time to date. However, some players had difficulty adapting to protagonist Melino’s dash, as well as her ability to run fast. Fortunately for those people, Supergiant Games does exist Abyss 2The first patch for is to address speed first and foremost.

As of today’s patch, Melino’s sprint (which seemed a bit slow) has been sped up to make her “naturally faster.” Its pacing is also more responsive, as some players found it difficult to turn while running, and I’m sure that became a pain in the ass in some late-game areas that are positively teeming with things trying to kill you.

Melinoë’s dash has also been tweaked slightly so players can exit recovery animations faster. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she will be stunned by damage, but I found that she was a bit slow in dashing away from enemies after being hit. Now, it has to have the same urgency I have when I hit the dodge button so I don’t lose one of the death challenges in a great round of the game.

Melino dashes in Abyss 2 It has been A little controversial Because it is noticeably slower than Zagros of First game. Her dash leaves a mark that she must recover before she can dash again, which is a pretty drastic change from Zagreus, who was able to dash again instantly. He was even able to collect blessings that granted him several more dashes before he tired out. While I wouldn’t mind seeing a Melinoë kit modifying Supergiant, I think this difference makes them particularly unique characters that promote different playstyles. I would hate to see Melino trace disappeared from the game due to the studio’s response to feedback.

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Speaking of faster, Abyss 2The first patch for is also speeded up Collect resources. The second part introduces multiple different crafting and gathering tools that must be unlocked to obtain the resources needed to craft what the game refers to as Incantations, which often amplify Melino’s abilities and add mechanics and features, such as farming. However, you can only use one resource gathering tool at a time, meaning you have to choose whether you prioritize plants, fish, ores, or other materials for each run. In my experience, a good round culminates in The demonic confrontation against Kronos In the end it can take about 40-50 minutes, which means that’s too long to not collect other materials.

now, Abyss 2 Players will be able to collect any The resource point they find during the run as long as the Gatherer associated with them is unlocked. So, if you unlock the shovel or axe, you don’t need to equip them to extract seeds or extract ore, respectively. Swapping out a specific gathering tool will allow you to get as many resource points as possible before this patch, while “resources for tools you don’t prioritize will appear much less frequently,” according to the patch notes.

Elsewhere, Supergiant has released small (but consequential) fixes, such as showing your currency when you’re in the Well of Charon, or replicating the Grasp upgrades tutorial in Altar of Ashes. Anecdotally, one of my friends made it to the third area of ​​the game without upgrading his Grasp to get more passive boosts because they didn’t know how to do so. If you have been there, you know that this area is very difficult with Upgrades, players have reported that the game doesn’t do a good job of explaining the system. As of this patch, hopefully more players will know how to upgrade their Grasp and buff for their battle with Chronos.

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To see the entire patch notes, which mostly target feedback the team has received since launch, check them out here. Supergiant mentions that with this first patch out, they’ll be making balance changes next, which tells me I better get a win soon before the team nerfs my favorite builds/blessings.