June 17, 2024

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The next setting can be difficult

The next setting can be difficult

A low pressure area should move in on Thursday, and its arrival could extend into Saturday. Western and southern Quebec sections are at the top of the list and could be affected by Thursday afternoon. The system will turn around the center of the province on Friday, before reaching the Caspian tip and the northern shore on Saturday.

This low is likely to pump moisture from the southern United States. Conclusion: The amount of water available in clouds is particularly important. All indications are that rainfall will be very high, with some areas receiving 50mm of water – or even more. Current forecasts call for more than 75 mm north of the Sept-Iles.

The exact path of the system is still uncertain, and the areas most affected may vary over the next few days depending on the behavior of the depression.

Good winds are also possible: gusts of 70 km/h are possible in southern and central Quebec. As usual, strong winds are expected in eastern Quebec, with gusts of up to 80 km/h.

The first autumn storm

With the onset of cooler weather that accompanies the onset of fall, the stage is set for the birth of beefy systems: fall storms. The latter is often synonymous with violent winds and heavy rain, and damage can be significant.

So the current disturbance looks like an autumn storm. However, its intensity should oscillate between medium and strong depending on the sector. Damage to property like flood is likely. Power cuts cannot be avoided.

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On average, this type of depression enters the equation around mid-September.

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