June 16, 2024

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The Pixel gets speaker array volume controls back in Android 15

The Pixel gets speaker array volume controls back in Android 15

For the past few years, easy volume controls for speaker sets and other streaming devices have been disabled from Pixel phones, but it looks like they’ll be back in the latest Android 15 beta update.

Back in 2021, Google disabled the ability to use the volume buttons on a Pixel phone to control its array of speakers and other Chromecast and Google Cast devices. This started in Android 12, and at the time was due to an undisclosed “legal issue.” Later, it was revealed that this was among the fallout from Sonos’ legal battle, which Google lost. As a result, the volume button controls were disabled in many places including the Home app and on Cast devices connected in the background only.

Some of these functions have returned over time, such as the ability to use Google devices on more than one set of speakers at the same time.

Now, in Android 15 Beta 2, Google seems to have brought back the volume control. People in Robot body I noticed When you use multiple Cast devices in a speaker group, the Pixel volume controls adjust the volume of those connected devices. Tested with Nest Hub and YouTube Music. Sound off in the comments below if you notice the same change.

It’s unclear exactly what has changed, but Google has supposedly found a workaround over the past few years.

This comes as Android 15 Beta 2 also brings a widely updated sound panel for Pixel devices among other changes.

Currently, this functionality is only available if you install the latest beta version, but if all goes well, it will work probably It’s safe to assume that this will continue during the stable release of Android 15.

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