June 28, 2022

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The ‘real possibility’ of a North Korean nuclear test while Biden is in Asia

One of his advisers said Wednesday that the United States believes there is a “real possibility” that North Korea will launch another “missile test” or “nuclear test” during Joe Biden’s trip to Asia.

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Ahead of the US president’s departure for a long – awaited diplomatic tour of the region, White House Nationalist Jack Sullivan said, “We are ready for all such events, including provocations when we are in South Korea or Japan.” Security Advisor.

“We are working closely with our allies in South Korea and Japan,” he added, referring to this risk during an interview with his Chinese envoy, Yang Jiechi, on Wednesday.

“We are ready to ensure that we provide security and resistance to our allies in the region and, if necessary, to adjust our military posture,” Joe Biden’s adviser promised.

Under international sanctions, North Korea has dramatically stepped up missile tests this year, while ignoring US negotiations.

The regime of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has stopped testing intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons since 2017. He has already partially broken this barrier by launching an intercontinental ballistic missile at the end of March.

Pyongyang tested six nuclear weapons between 2006 and 2017.

So it is under this threat that Joe Biden will begin his first trip to Asia on Thursday after assuming the presidency, promising to make this continent a key strategic priority of his mandate.

But the invasion of Ukraine by Russia has, in fact, monopolized its administration for weeks.

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“There is no tension between time, energy and focus for Europe and time, energy and focus for Asia. We hope these two aspects complement each other,” Jack Sullivan assured.

The 79-year-old Democrat travels to South Korea and then Japan, where the US confrontation with China will be the best geopolitical reading phase in the coming years.

He will meet the two heads of state there and use his visit to attend the Quad Summit in Tokyo, a form of diplomacy uniting the United States, Japan, India and other countries. United States. ‘Australia.

But her spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre has promised that the US president will not go to the demilitarized zone that separates the two Koreas.

The last visit of an American president to this place is etched in all memories: Donald Trump went there in 2019 and met Kim Jong Un.

But the revelation between the two did not have a long-term impact on relations between the United States and North Korea.

The North Korean leader has always used nuclear weapons to influence the international arena.

He may face a major test to test North Korea’s nuclear capabilities as he faces the worst corona virus outbreak, with the number of cases now surpassing 1.7 million, according to official press.