April 17, 2024

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The Russo-Ukrainian War at a Glance: What We Know on Day 322 of the Invasion | Ukraine

The Russo-Ukrainian War at a Glance: What We Know on Day 322 of the Invasion |  Ukraine
  • The head of the Russian mercenary group Wagner claimed that his forces had done so Acquisition completed From the Ukrainian town solidar, which if confirmed would be Moscow’s first battlefield success since last summer. “Wagner units have taken control of the entire territory of Solidar,” Yevgeny Prigozhin said in an audio message posted on his Telegram channel late Tuesday. Home to the huge salt mines, Solidar has symbolic, military and commercial value for Russia.

  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the “heroic” defenders of Solidar But he gave no update on the military situation in his Tuesday night address.

  • Russian forces trained tank, mortar and artillery fire on AvdiivkaRussia’s second outpost is south of Bakhmut and not far from the city of Donetsk, which has been controlled by Russian proxies since 2014, Ukraine’s Armed Forces said.

  • Russian artillery fire in Ukraine has fallen dramatically from its wartime highs, in some places by as much as 75%, According to US and Ukrainian officials. Low bombardment It is further evidence of Russia’s increasingly weak position on the battlefield nearly a year after its invasion, officials told CNN. Officials did not provide a clear explanation or explanation for the dramatic drop in artillery fire.

  • Western officials have warned that Ukraine will not be able to reclaim a significant amount of territory from Russia without increasing its military capability, including tanks and armored vehicles. Russian and Ukrainian forces are currently too close together for the Ukrainians to launch a major offensive, said a Western official Tuesday. They said the alleged Ukrainian call for 300 tanks was “not an unreasonable number” to build up the mass of force needed for them to launch the attack.

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  • Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Tuesday that his government will purchase a US air defense system as a donation to Ukraine. Defense Minister Anita Anand said the air defense system built by the United States is worth 406 million Canadian dollars (302 million US dollars). “Canada will continue to stand with the Ukrainian people in their fight against Russia’s illegal and unprovoked invasion,” Anand said.

  • Ukrainian forces are set to begin training on the Patriot missile system in the United States as soon as next week, US officials said. the training program Someone said that the program will be held in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and the program is expected to take “several months.” During Zelensky’s visit to the US in December, Joe Biden announced $1.85bn (£1.54bn) in new military aid to Kyiv, including the delivery of a Patriot missile battery system. The US is also reportedly considering sending Stryker armored fighting vehicles to Ukraine. the movement May be announced next week. But no final decision has been made, Politico reported, citing two sources familiar with the matter.

  • Russia appointed Colonel General Alexander Lapin As chief of staff of the country’s land forcesState-owned news agency TASS reported, despite hawkish criticism over his performance in Ukraine.

  • one family of Two British men are missing in Ukraine They said they were “very concerned and worried” about his health. Chris Barry, 28, was last seen on Friday with fellow Brit Andrew Bagshaw, 48, heading to the town of Solidar in Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk region. The men were working as volunteers helping people evacuate from the front lines.

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    Reuters and Agence France-Presse contributed to this report