July 14, 2024

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The winner of Mortal Kombat smashes lights worth more than their prize

The winner of Mortal Kombat smashes lights worth more than their prize

Moving picture: Warner Bros./CEO 2024/Kotaku

That chair has been heard around the world, or at least it will be in the CEO’s 2024 term. Alex “Deloach” Ruiz has just cemented his place as CEO. Mortal Kombat 1 The grand finals of the Florida-based fighting game tournament when he decided to get up, grab his chair, and casually throw it into the audience in what may be one of the least hype and most damaging pop-ups in fighting game history.

The damage occurred at the end of the winners’ stage. Ruiz, who played General Shaw, had just stomped on Rico played by Curtis “Rewind” McCall to send his opponent to the losers’ stage. As the chair was being thrown out of the ring, it hit a lighting fixture, sending shards of glass flying. According to the 2024 tournament’s CEO organizer Alex Gebeli, The equipment was worth about $3,000.

“Does anyone know that @RezDyloch’s PayPal account is causing someone to pay for a broken light fixture, and it’s not me?” I tweeted.Al-Jabali I continued“If someone else throws anything, you will be banned from any event I do. This is a final warning to anyone in the future. Don’t throw anything.”

The tragedy, of course, is that even though Ruiz won the title MK 1 The grand finale, which ended up being a rematch against McCool, netted him just $565 in earnings from the event. It’s unclear whether Jubaili actually planned to have Ruiz pay for the damages or had insurance to cover them and was just leaning on the unscripted moment to promote his event. CEO 2024 The Twitter account itself It seemed to be about throwing chairs for laughs and internet influence. In the end, some viewers weren’t so sure. What to make of the whole controversy.

However, many fighting game fans have pointed out that Smash Bros. Professional gamer Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma is notorious. History of throwing chairswhich some see as a great expression of his character and the drama of the competitive scene, while others see it as dangerous and ridiculous. It seems that there is Big double standards With the way some in the fighting game community treated both examples, though, at least in DeBiedma’s case no $3,000 worth of lamps were harmed in the process. However, adults probably don’t need to randomly throw objects regardless of the circumstances.

Meanwhile, Ruiz seems satisfied with his victory. “Your General Mikey is a hero CEO!!” I tweeted After the tournament. “Take responsibility for this light back to work. That’s what it says BUFF THE GENERAL IDC RUN ME MY MID!!”

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