September 22, 2023

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Their three children saw the world before they became blind: the family returned home

Edith Lemay, Sébastien Pelletier and their four children have just returned from a year exploring the world as a family.

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After the devastating diagnosis of retinitis pigmentosa, which affects three of the Boucherville couple’s four children, they decide to leave.

This rare genetic disease causes progressive vision loss.

“We decided to show them the beauty of the world before they can no longer see it. The goal is to fill their visual memory,” Edith Lemay said in an interview last September on Benoit Dudrysak’s QUB radio.

The family left in March 2022 and returned home in April 2023.

They shared their experience on Good Morning America this week.

During this interview, senior Mia shared her favorite adventure moment.

“I think my favorite moment was going up in a hot air balloon in Turkey. It was magical and incredible.

The only child not living with this diagnosis is Leo, who is “lucky, but sad at the same time [ses] Brothers and sisters who lose their sight.

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