May 28, 2023

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This is a true hoax Richard Hetu’s blog

It is a true hoax. During the week, the New York Post, Fox News and other conservative outlets made a big deal out of a story in Newburgh, NY. Homeless veterans complained of being evicted from a hotel in the city to accommodate immigrants sent by New York Mayor Eric Adams. “Corruption”, we can read on the first page Mail.

However, the seven-member panel told the newspaper Mid Husson News Other men from a homeless shelter were recruited to pose as veterans who had been evacuated from the Newburgh Hotel so that a non-profit organization could commit fraud against visitors.

The YIT Foundation, a non-profit organization, used the publicity surrounding the “scandal” to raise funds from audiences they believed would help the players. A local elected official who has loudly condemned the exodus of veterans has admitted to being involved in fraud.

“I was completely unaware of any wrongdoing and believed their stories to be true until a phone conversation with Sharon yesterday afternoon in which she explained to me that things did not happen. They did not happen the way she said they did,” the Albany legislator said. Brian Maher.

Fox News continued to air the article on this topic Mid Hudson News :

Unless I’m mistaken, The New York Post A Corrigendum was not published.