June 15, 2024

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This is the biggest disaster of the year

After a brief respite, a new temperature difference at the surface of the Atlantic Ocean breaks a worrying record. details.

In summary:

never seen

Since the beginning of the year, surface temperatures in the North Atlantic have been above average until the end of April.

ATLN1 (1)

This return to normalcy was short-lived: a new sequence of abnormally high temperatures took over.

ATLN2 (1)

On May 17, experts spotted the biggest anomaly of 2024 so far.

El Nino still dominates the tropics. However, there is a 49% chance that La Niña will pass through the neutral phase and take control in August.


Keep in mind that when La Niña rules, the Atlantic Ocean becomes a scene of particularly active weather: warm water and low air pressure allow storms to form more easily. In the Pacific Ocean, wind shear makes it more difficult for hurricanes to develop.


*Good to know: If the water temperature is 0.5°C above the seasonal norm, the condition can be described as El Nino. Conversely, the water needs to be at least 0.5 degrees Celsius colder to talk about La Niña. *

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