September 22, 2023

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Tiktok: What if Trump is right?

I have criticized the candidate and President Trump for his attitude, his statements and many of his actions, but on the Tiktok file, there are a large number of politicians and pundits who support him.

TikTok poses a risk because data could be handed over to China’s leaders. Implemented for national security reasons.

Republican bill

The fate of TikTok is back in the headlines as Republicans Marco Rubio (Senate) and Mike Gallagher (House of Representatives) filed a bill that would effectively ban TikTok in the United States. In the House, Democrat Raja Krishnamurthy supports his colleague Gallagher, giving the plan a bipartisan nature.

Long before this effort in Congress, President Trump tried to block the social network against court rulings. By acting very quickly, 45e The President has not weighed his powers sufficiently.

Donald Trump repeated the mistake he made during the episode involving immigrants from majority Muslim countries beyond his jurisdiction. We had to revise the first two versions to conform to the legal framework.

FBI and Treasury Department concerns

Unlike the former president, the promoters of the new plan enjoy support or opinions in line with Trump’s expressed concerns.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and FBI Director Christopher Wray have both expressed concerns about the security of data shared on TikTok. It should be remembered that the social network was ordered to pay a registration fine of 5.7 million dollars for illegally collecting data from minors.

Inside the Senate, even the Democratic chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee now recognizes the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s fears.

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The end of TikTok in America?

It’s too soon to know if there will be enough members in either house to support the new bill, but even if they do, that won’t be the end of the saga.

It’s a safe bet that this law will lead to a lot of court action. Even when national security is claimed, risks must be proven and numerous questions about freedom of expression must be justified.

TikTok, Apple and Google all have rights whether they are distributors or consumers. The ban is therefore unconstitutional.

One last comment on this resurgence of the ban: By banning TikTok, lawmakers would impose a control on the U.S. Internet similar to what China is accused of using. Banning TikTok is the first step in a direction we usually want to avoid. Then, for data protection, Edward Snowden demonstrated that Americans already had reasons to trust their own government.