June 24, 2024

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Tony La Russa announces his retirement from the White Sox

Tony La Russa announces his retirement from the White Sox

CHICAGO – One by one, White Sox players entered the Convention and Learning Center about three hours ago Chicago win 3-2 over the Twins on Monday to receive Director Tony La Russa’s press conference to announce his retirement in a guaranteed rate field.

This large group of players didn’t have to be there, as La Russa met the club 15 minutes before his press conference. But they wanted to support La Rosa, and that obviously means a lot to those who will soon turn 78.

A reporter asked what it meant for his players to appear at the session.

“That’s a bad question to ask because I like a stony, unemotional face [garbage] Smiling to the media, La Rosa said, “It is evident in our family and when we are together, I believe in nurturing and family feeling. The last thing I said to the players in the meeting was that I love them. I couldn’t be more thankful.

“I’ve been out for 10 years. To get in, see not just the talent but the characters and the way they came together. That’s why I’m so upset and disappointed. This will work next year. I’ve worked hard to earn their respect and trust, but I’m also upset that I let them down this year.”

La Rosa walked away from the team for good one year before his three-year contract. His heart problems, involving a pacemaker implanted out of season, and then another medical problem, led to La Rosa leaving hours before the August 30 game at home against the Royals.

On September 24, General Manager Rick Hahn announced that La Rossa would not be returning this season. on Monday, Han discussed some aspects Next management research. White Sox released a file comprehensive statement From La Russa before the Hall of Famer took questions, during which he talked about his health, but also talked about the shortcomings of this team and how much he respects the fans, even as they chanted “Fire Tony.”

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It came one year after La Rosa guided his team through a slew of injuries to 93 victories and a Central American League title. La Russa stressed that none of the health issues affected his ability to manage in ’22.

“We need to make sure his health is at the forefront of everything,” said White Sox, who is closest to Liam Hendrix. “It is not a good idea, no matter how we have played for anything else, to put a man in a stressful situation that could be hateful for his health. We are now happy that he is being taken care of.”

“It’s obviously been a bit of a tough day,” Han said. “Not exactly how we wanted Tony’s tenure to end. The organization clearly owes him a debt of gratitude for the time he’s spent trying to get us to achieve our ultimate goals over the past two years. It’s clearly frustrating to all of us that this is how it ends.”

There are no plans at this time for La Russa to remain as part of the organization, with his focus on returning to Arizona and gaining full health.

“There is some length to the process,” La Russa said. “It’s not like a pacemaker, I put it on and got out later that day. All I know is that love for the game will never die. It’s the only thing I really know how to do, except that I think I can run a library.”