May 18, 2024

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Travis Kelce drinks beer while he and Jason get their diplomas

Travis Kelce drinks beer while he and Jason get their diplomas

Travis and Jason Kelce are getting their college degrees — literally!

While hosting a live stream new Horizons In a podcast event, the brothers received their diplomas during a “surprise commencement” ceremony at the University of Cincinnati on April 11.

Although Travis, 34, earned a degree in interdisciplinary studies in 2022, and Jason, 36, earned a bachelor's degree in marketing, they did not attend the graduation ceremony at the time. for every Cincinnati Enquirer.

Proud parents Donna and Ed Kelsey were also on hand to celebrate the moment on Fifth Third Square, when university President Dr. Neville Pinto — in full graduation regalia — presented the Kelsey siblings with their diplomas, the outlet reported.

Before receiving his diploma, Travis celebrated the moment by drinking a beer while the raucous crowd cheered his efforts. Or like Dan Hoard, the radio voice of the Cincinnati Bengals and the University of Cincinnati, put it“Getting your diploma…Travis Kelce style.”

“A surprising start we will never forget.” University Published on X (formerly known as Twitter). “Congratulations to Travis and Jason on (finally) earning their degrees!”

Earlier in the event, Travis showed off his dance moves while recording the podcast.

As the Kansas City Chiefs standout stood next to his big brother on stage, he was seen swaying to the tune of his girlfriend Taylor Swift's song “Shake It Off.”

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Prior to the live taping, Travis participated with Jason and Lil Dicky on the April 10 episode of new Horizons That he's still not sure how he ended up dating the pop star.

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The comedian, 36, then told Travis that his relationship with the Grammy winner, 34, is “the best thing ever.”

“I appreciate it, man,” Travis replied. “I don’t know how she did it because she wasn’t interested in sports, so I don’t know how she did it.”