February 25, 2024

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Trump and the classified documents: Legitimate concerns

Trump and the classified documents: Legitimate concerns

Unless you live in a parallel universe dominated by misinformation, or have lost faith in democratic institutions, there are only two options in the face of the misdeeds that Donald Trump is buried in.

For some — among them, more Republicans — we shouldn’t blame the former president. Those who support this option believe that the very survival of the nation is at stake. Let’s wipe the slate clean to stop angry people from taking to the streets.

We strongly blame him

For others—myself included—tolerating the fact that a narcissistic mafioso can give free rein to his less noble instincts while driving the country toward a totalitarian slide. If we forget what this villain was able to impose on his fellow citizens, we can abandon any notion of justice and security.

I’ll come back to this one more time as another damning revelation has come to light in the Mar-a-Lago document seizure case. We already know that the president broke the law by bringing in documents that should have been managed by the National Archives.

Not only was he instructed not to do so before he left the White House, but according to former Attorney General William Barr under Trump, the latter “fooled” the government. (Pull around“). Even when you believe that 45e The president is backed up against the wall, and his main strategy is to drool even more.

No top secret documents

What was his latest feat? It was revealed on Friday that 48 files recovered by the central government were empty. And, unlike the other files, they didn’t end up in Mar-a-Lago’s basement, but rather in Trump’s personal office at his residence.

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After that, there is no trace of these documents. What did we do with it? Your answer is as good as mine. If you have any imagination, the best and worst scenarios will conjure up in your imagination.

Trump and his entourage are chaotic, highly unprofessional. If Americans are lucky, 45e The president or his relatives simply played with these documents without paying attention to classification before mixing them with others. That’s what I want.

If you’re more pessimistic (realistic?), you imagine these priceless documents are still in circulation. Will they be found with the president’s relatives, or will they be firmly lost in the hands of rivals from America? The country is not short of rich enemies who provide a good hoard for such information.

There is a constant in Trump, a trend that developed long before he entered the political scene. Every time we believe he’s wrong, our fear is not only justified, but the truth is worse than we imagined. This is the case again.