May 23, 2024

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Trump is supposed to remain silent, but people close to him comment live on his investigation

Trump is supposed to remain silent, but people close to him comment live on his investigation

A former US president in the dock is unprecedented. But in an extra rarity at Donald Trump’s criminal trial in New York, some of his relatives are directly expressing their views on social networks.

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The judge presiding over the deliberations ordered the Republican nominee for the November presidential election to refrain from attacking jurors and witnesses verbally or on social media with threats of jail time in support.

But there’s nothing stopping Donald Trump’s entourage from talking about the investigation into the alleged falsification of accounts in connection with alleged payments to the former porn star.

Eric Trump, one of the former president’s sons in the courtroom, on Monday rejected the testimony of Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, who has become his sworn enemy. “I never saw it rehearsed in the theater!”

Ohio Senator JD Vance will appear as Donald Trump’s running mate in November against outgoing Democratic President Joe Biden to tweet his agreement.

The senator objected to media reports a few days ago that suggested Donald Trump was “on the verge of falling asleep or being bored.”

“What they’re trying to sell is the ‘yeah Biden is mentally unfit, but the other guy is questionable’ theory. It’s ridiculous. I’m 39 years old, I’ve been here 26 minutes, and I’m going to sleep,” he assured X.

Andrew Giuliani, son of Donald Trump’s former lawyer Rudy Giuliani, also speaks live from the courtroom. Michael Cohen, who was sentenced to prison specifically for financial crimes, is a “serial liar” and a “criminal,” he says in X.

At 77, the Republican nominee for the White House risks the first criminal conviction — possibly including prison time — of a former president in U.S. history.

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During a break, JD Vance added more. “What the president (Trump) is embarrassed to say is that almost every person involved in these cases is a Democrat,” he told Fox News.