April 16, 2024

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Trump is the only Republican candidate running after Super Tuesday | US Election 2024

Trump is the only Republican candidate running after Super Tuesday |  US Election 2024

Donald Trump is headed for a straight rematch with Joe Biden in the presidential election, after his last Republican challenger, Nikki Haley, has decided to throw in the towel after getting hammered on Super Tuesday.

Former US ambassadorUN He announced his campaign suspension on Wednesday morning. He made the announcement in Charleston, South Carolina, where he served as governor.

Former President Trump (2017-2021), the candidate in the November election, won almost all states – 14 out of 15 – during the big election day on Tuesday. They include California, North Carolina, Texas, and Alaska.

Surrounded by supporters gathered at his lavish Florida home, Donald Trump congratulated A wonderful evening, an incredible day.

He never once mentioned Nikki Haley, devoting all his attacks to her presidential rival, Joe Biden.

Fifty-year-old Donald Trump, 77, lost a chance at a Grand Slam by winning Vermont, Canada's sparsely populated border state.

In the Democratic Party, President Biden, 81, is running for a second term and faces no serious opposition.

Conceding a popular defeat in the Pacific region of American Samoa, he surprisingly won all the states at stake for his party.

Already launched, Joe Biden has vowed to be his rival in the run-up to his anticipated showdown with Donald Trump. Determined to destroy our democracyHe accused that Focused on his own vengeance and revenge, not on the American people.

A 2020 return match that polls have unenthusiastic Americans for, though the Republican race isn't officially over, is all but confirmed.

Last stands

Since January 15 and despite his legal problems, Donald Trump has won all primaries organized by his party.

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Nikki Haley presented herself as a redeemable candidate default facing Trump is a mess. But most Republican voters did not heed his plea.

In a press release, his campaign team estimated there are still A large number of Republican voters expressed deep concerns about Donald Trump.

Mr. in Florida. A party hosted at Trump's home was no doubt the latter's final victory.

In the Mar-a-Lago ballroom, under grand chandeliers and gold ornaments, many guests proudly stamped their red hats. Make America Great Again (Make America Great Again).

President Trump will be the last standing in the Republican primarysaid Kenny Nail, president of the local branch of the Republican Party.

Biden will face the Americans on Thursday

Donald Trump wants to focus on his fight with President Biden as soon as possible before he gets absorbed in his legal meetings.

His first criminal trial begins on March 25 in New York.

Donald Trump says Very popular He has been criminally indicted four times, but several polls show that support for his candidacy would drop significantly if he were convicted in any of those criminal cases.

Battling the polls, Joe Biden will defend his record and lay out his vision for America in the traditional State of the Union address to Congress on Thursday.

Resigning President He should use this last opportunity to speak to millions of Americans to present the contrast between his vision and what life would be like for Donald Trump.Political scientist Wendy Shiller assesses.