April 16, 2024

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Trump says he was directly targeted by the judicial inquiry into the Capitol attack

Trump says he was directly targeted by the judicial inquiry into the Capitol attack

Synchronicity of times: Donald Trump’s pre-trial conference on the illegal storage of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago home began in Florida on Tuesday, which the former US president indicated he had obtained from special counsel Jack. A letter confirming that Smith is the target of a judicial inquiry for his participation in the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

On his Truth social network, the Republican complained that he received this letter “Sunday evening” through his lawyers, while saying that he was the victim of a new “witch hunt” directed by Joe Biden and intended to harm him. Political life. The document provides an opportunity to testify before a grand jury in Washington, which is scheduled to meet later this week. What he should refuse to do.

This type of letter usually precedes an indictment and may indicate that Jack Smith is about to prosecute the former president for his role in the riots that targeted the dome of American democracy. Chased by Donald Trump, the crowd violently stormed the building in hopes of overturning the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, according to which the victory went to Democrat Joe Biden, thus illegally keeping the populist in power.

Last week, a panel of US legal experts established that there was enough evidence to prosecute the former US president for the failed coup attempt. On Tuesday, on his social network, Donald Trump defended himself by saying that he did nothing but protest against the elections, which he always repeats as fraud without basis. He stated what the US Constitution gives him the right to do. This election fraud is not substantiated by facts.

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In the wake of his announcement, Donald Trump sent an email on Tuesday, angry at the letter he received, specifically asking his followers to make financial contributions to his election campaign. “Nothing like this has ever happened in our country,” he wrote.

On Tuesday, the usual voices rallied in support of the former president. “That’s the only way the Democrats can be defeated [Donald] Trump: Arrest him, defame him and bring ridiculous charges against him,” Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green tweeted a conspiratorial Trump. Kevin McCarthy, the Republican majority speaker in the House of Representatives, accused Democrats of “tooling justice” to “go after the adversary.” said.

The latest YouGov poll was published last week Economist Instead it gives both candidates neck and neck with 42% voting intention.

In a rare contradictory statement from the Republican camp, Asa Hutchinson, the former governor of Arkansas and the 2024 Republican presidential candidate, called on the former president to drop out of the race, saying the new prospect should “disqualify” him for sedition in his quest for a new presidential mandate.

“Donald Trump wants the American people to believe that they are the victims in this case, but the truth is that the real victim on January 6 was our democracy. [et] Our rule of law […], he said in a statement. People who truly love this country and are willing to put it above their personal interests will immediately stop campaigning for president. Donald Trump’s refusal to do so is disappointing,” he added.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the billionaire’s closest rival, was a little more complacent toward the former president, admitting that he “should have listened a little louder” to prevent an attack on the Capitol. “But trying to criminalize it is another matter entirely,” he was quoted as saying The Washington Post.

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For weeks, the judicial noose tightened around the former US president, who was twice arrested and brought to justice. In New York, he must answer charges of falsifying documents in a bribery case aimed at silencing a witness in moral history. He was charged with illegally possessing classified documents at his private residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, and refusing to cooperate in returning them. Many of these documents could endanger the country’s security.

After his 2020 defeat, he’s in the crosshairs of justice in Georgia and Arizona for trying to sway voting results in his favor.

So far, Donald Trump has pleaded guilty to all the charges against him. The Republican is seeking a third term to secure a ticket to the White House in 2024. In his party’s nomination polls, many of the candidates facing him are all trailing and he is ahead.

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