June 19, 2024

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Trump withdrew a sexual harassment complaint

One of the women accused of sexually assaulting Donald Trump has withdrawn a defamation suit against the former US president, while judicial sources learned on Friday that he had confirmed his allegations for pre-2007 facts.

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Former contestant on the Summer Servos reality show Trainee Donald Trump has been the host for a long time. In January 2017, Mr. Shortly before Trump entered the White House, Ms Zervos filed a civil defamation suit against the businessman because he called her a “liar.”

Mr Trump has always denied it, but in 2007 Ms Cervos accused him of stumbling and forcibly kissing her at a hotel in Los Angeles.

The New York State Supreme Court document, dated Friday, was signed by both parties’ attorneys, saying “all complaints were dropped.”

“After five years (in practice), Ms. Cervos did not want to be involved in a dispute with the accused (Donald Trump) and affirmed his right to speak freely about his experience,” attorneys told AFP reporter Moira Benza and Beth. Wilkinson.

They stated that their client “maintained his charges and did not accept any financial compensation.”

On behalf of the former US president, his lawyer Alina Habba described Summer Servos’ decision as “prudent”. “She had no choice, because it was clear from the alleged facts that our client had done nothing wrong,” the attorney told AFP.

Neither party explained why Ms Zervos dropped her defamation suit.

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In all, about twenty women have made allegations of sexual harassment or harassment against Donald Trump in recent years.

With the exception of Summer Servos, the author e. Jean Carroll, a former real estate tycoon, has accused himself of raping himself in the fitting room of a New York department store in the mid-1990s. Former President in New York court for defamation.

Mr. who has denied all the allegations. Trump has never faced criminal prosecution for a long-awaited charge.

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