June 17, 2024

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He died in a plane crash a month after going into space

New Jersey police said Friday that one of the four passengers aboard Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket, which went into space in October, was killed in a small passenger plane crash near New York on Thursday.

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Glenn de Vries, a 49-year-old New York businessman, is survived by fellow American Thomas B. Thursday afternoon with Fisher Sussex County, WI. Died in a “minor plane crash” in the State of New Jersey.


A New Jersey police spokesman said the investigation has been left to the US Federal Civil Aviation Regulator (FAA).

Born in 1972, Mr. De Vries is a co-founder of Mediterranean Solutions, which specializes in clinical trial monitoring software for the pharmaceutical industry.

With three passengers, including William Shatner, 90, a Canadian actor who starred as Captain Kirk in the Star Trek series, the avid aviation enthusiast Mr. De Vries went into space on October 13 on a Blue Origin New Shepherd rocket. By American billionaire Jeff Bezos.


The Blue Origin company said on Twitter that “the sudden death of Glenn de Vries (who) was devastating and brought more energy and life to the entire Blue Origin team and his team”.

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