March 30, 2023

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Ukraine says it found Russian ‘torture sites’ in Kherson | War in Ukraine

In addition, French President Emmanuel Macron and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky insisted during a phone call on Monday, following Sunday’s shooting of undetermined origin inside the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. An absolute necessity to protect safety and security of the site.

In Kyiv, the World Health Organization (WHO) regional director for Europe, Hans Kluge, warned that winter could threaten the lives of millions of Ukrainians after a series of devastating Russian strikes on the country’s energy infrastructure.

The lives of millions of people in Ukraine will be at risk this winter. Simply put, this winter will be all about survival. »

A quote Hans Kluk, WHO Regional Director for Europe

Damage to Ukrainian energy infrastructure are already having devastating effects on the health system and the health of the populationhe added.

In Moscow, the Kremlin has vowed to punish those responsible for the deaths of a group of Russian soldiers in Ukraine, which Moscow has condemned as executions, while Kyiv says the soldiers were killed after a false surrender.

A Russian strike in Kherson left one dead and three wounded, presidential deputy Kyrillo Tymoshenko said, giving no further details.

In Kherson, prosecutors continue to establish Russia’s crimes: torture platforms have been installed in four buildings.Ukrainian prosecutor’s office said in a telegram.

Ukrainian investigators visited, according to prosecutors Four Buildings, incl Detention Centers Before the war, There, while capturing the city, the invaders illegally detained and brutally tortured people.

Pieces of rubber bands, a wooden bat, a device used by aggressors to shock civilians, a flashlight and bullets […] were capturedIt added the same evidence ten days after Kherson was recaptured by the Ukrainian army following a two-month counteroffensive.

Since Kherson’s release on November 11, Kiev has repeatedly condemned War crimes And this Atrocities Russians in the Kherson region. Moscow, at this point, has not responded to these allegations.

Moscow condemns it as a war crime

The Kremlin blames Ukrainians for retaliation, and on Monday vowed to punish those responsible for the death of a group of Russian soldiers in Ukraine. war crime.

Based on videos posted on social networks, Russia says Ukraine’s military executed more than a dozen of its soldiers who laid down their weapons.

In the first video, a dozen soldiers, believed to be Russians, emerge one by one from a shelter, put their hands in the air and lie face down on the ground under orders from Ukrainian soldiers who hold them at gunpoint.

The video ends abruptly as one last silhouette emerges from the shelter and appears to set it on fire. Another video shot by a drone shows the bloodied bodies of a dozen soldiers at the same location.

Fake surrender?

On Sunday, Ukrainian human rights official Dmytro Lubynets’ videos showed a reality Fake Surrender and Russian soldiers under international law, Committed war crimes by firing on Ukrainian armed forces After pretending to surrender.

Russian soldiers were killed in the incident Therefore cannot be treated as prisoners of warHe argued.

According to the French President, Mr He expressed his deep concern as New views against the center In Ukraine, Moscow and Kiev accuse each other of bombing each other.

He had already held discussions on Sunday with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General Raffaele Croci, who condemned the strikes. Totally intentional, targeted.

Emmanuel Macron and Volodymyr Zelensky He recalled that the current situation was due to Russia’s illegal occupation of the plantElysee reported.

Under the snow, Ukraine celebrated on Monday 9th anniversary of pro-Western revolution in’EuromidonIt led to the impeachment of a pro-Russian president at the cost of a crackdown that killed more than a hundred people.

in return, Russia annexed Crimea fueled an armed uprising in the Donbass.

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