August 15, 2022

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Ukraine’s military has accused the Russians of dropping phosphorus bombs on Snake Island

Ukraine’s military accused the Russians of dropping phosphorus bombs on Snake Island in the Black Sea on Friday night, after Moscow’s forces withdrew on Thursday after being driven out by the Ukrainians.

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“At 6 p.m., the Russian Armed Forces carried out two airstrikes on Snake Island with phosphorus bombs,” Ukrainian commander Valery Zalushny wrote in a telegram, accusing Moscow of “not honoring its own statements.

Earlier in the day, the Russian military indicated that it had withdrawn from the symbolic territory as a “sign of goodwill” after “accomplishing” the “set targets”.

“The only thing the enemy is consistent about is their consistent ‘precision’ strikes,” said Mr. He lashed out at Jaloshni.

Along with a video of his message, we see a plane fly over Snake Island and drop at least two bombs.

Under the Convention signed in Geneva in 1980, phosphorus weapons are incendiary weapons prohibited for use against civilians, but not against military targets.

Kiev has accused Moscow of using the Russian military on several occasions since late February, including targeting civilians who were categorically rejected.

On Thursday, the Ukrainian military congratulated itself for forcing “irresistible” artillery against the Russians to abandon Snake Island in the northwest Black Sea.

The tiny island became a symbol of the Russian invasion from the first day, when a member of the small Ukrainian garrison guarding it demanded the surrender of a Russian ship to “fuck it”.

The Russian army finally repelled several Ukrainian offensives and took control by Thursday.

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