May 19, 2024

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Ukrainian Army Advances: Civilians Evacuate to Crimea

Ukrainian Army Advances: Civilians Evacuate to Crimea

The Ukrainian army continued Thursday to make progress on territories captured by Vladimir Putin’s army.

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Russia continued its airstrikes, killing two people in the southern Ukrainian-held city of Mykolaiv.

But the Ukrainian army’s advance toward Kherson worried the Russian occupier enough that it announced an evacuation of civilians toward Crimea on Thursday.

The region was illegally annexed by a vote in late September, a gesture condemned by 143 countries during a vote at the United Nations on Wednesday evening.

Although China and India abstained, the new vote shows that international disapproval has not weakened.

In addition, satellite images show the extent of damage caused by the as-yet-unclaimed attack on the Crimean bridge, which has angered Vladimir Putin, who insists his nuclear threat is no fluke.

The response from the EU’s foreign affairs chief, Joseph Borel, was equally reassuring. NATO, European Union, and the United States are also not oblivious.

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