May 19, 2024

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UN Security Council calls on North Korea to suspend uranium enrichment

UN Security Council calls on North Korea to suspend uranium enrichment

China and Russia met at the UN on Thursday. The United States has vetoed a resolution in the Security Council imposing new sanctions to punish North Korea’s ballistic missile attack, clearly exposing the body’s risk of benefiting Pyongyang.

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The other 13 members of the council voted in favor of their share, which would reduce Pyongyang’s crude and refined oil imports in particular.

Behind the scenes, he stressed that many Washington allies should hold a referendum knowing that China and Russia will use their veto. As for the Americans, “nothing was worse”, “worse than blocking a two-state resolution,” an ambassador by name said.

Ahead of the referendum, US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield underlined that firing ballistic missiles, including intercontinental ballistic missiles, was a “threat to peace and security for the entire international community.”

His Chinese counterpart, Zhang Jun, felt that the US approach “distracted the council from dialogue and compromise.” Prior to the vote, he confirmed that “(…) there is no” total “agreement with Beijing on any attempt to make Asia a battleground or to create conflicts or tensions there.

Zhang Jun called on the United States to “work to promote a political solution” and stress that sanctions would have “humanitarian consequences” in North Korea, which recently acknowledged the Kovit cases.

Russia’s UN envoy Vasily Nebenzia has accused the United States of ignoring Pyongyang’s calls to end its “hostile actions” and engage in talks. “Our American and Western counterparts seem to be suffering an equal blow to the literary community. They seem to have no response to crisis situations other than the introduction of new barriers,” he said.

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The U.S. draft resolution plans to ban the sale or exchange of North Korea’s mineral fuels, watches and clocks and tobacco. The text also aims to intensify the fight against Pyongyang’s cyber activities.

After the plan was rejected and the UN in the North Korean file. After a clear view of the Security Council section, it may be difficult for the organization to sustain the pressure to use the final-imposed sanctions. In 2017, ambassadors fear.

During that time, in response to nuclear and ballistic missile tests, the Council unanimously approved three sanctions against North Korea in the oil, coal, iron ore, fisheries or textile sectors.

If North Korea had developed its own ballistic weapons and possessed multiple atomic bombs, it would not have yet succeeded in combining the two technologies to possess a missile with a nuclear head.

This week saw the launch of new missiles, including perhaps its largest intercontinental ballistic missile, following US President Joe Biden’s visit to Asia.

Washington and Seoul have warned that Pyongyang could soon test a seventh nuclear weapon, the first of its kind in five years.

In recent months, the North Korean regime has stepped up its missile tests, which have been described as “hostile” to the United States. Already in March, the intercontinental ballistic missile was tested for the first time since 2017.

Talks with Pyongyang have stalled since the failure of the 2019 summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and then US President Donald Trump. The North Korean regime has ignored all of Washington’s concessions, saying it has been open to dialogue since last year.

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