July 21, 2024

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US Secretary of State talks about Russia’s “war crimes” | War in Ukraine

US Secretary of State talks about Russia’s “war crimes” |  War in Ukraine

Russian troops have stepped up shelling in an attempt to break the will of the people [ukrainien]. President Biden said yesterday that war crimes had been committed in Ukraine. Personally, I agreeDuring a press conference on Thursday, Mr. Blinken solemnly declared.

Deliberately targeting civilians is a war crime. After the devastation of the last three weeks, it is difficult to conclude that the Russians are acting differently.

A quote Anthony Blingen, US Secretary of State

He accused Russian troops of deliberately targeting civilians Mariupol Theater with hundreds of residentsIncluding many children, or even Shoot at those standing in line Buy bread in Chernihiv.

These incidents add to the long list of attacks on locations of non-military civilians across Ukraine, including apartment buildings, public squares and last week, A maternity hospital in MariupolHe recalled. It is doubtful whether any of us can forget seeing these pictures.

Either way those responsible for this war of aggression will be held accountable.Mr. Blingen warned. We will ensure that our findings contribute to international efforts to investigate war crimes and hold those responsible accountable.He announced.

Moscow was targeted by several investigations

Russia’s strike on a children’s hospital in Mariupol a week ago sparked international outrage. The pregnant woman in the photo did not escape from her injuries and could not save her unborn child.

Photo: Canadian Press / AP / Evgeniy Maloletka

Mr. Blinken was careful not to make his war crimes claim a formal indictment of the State Department and the US government. He said experts in his field were still documenting and evaluating the evidence to determine whether Russia had committed war crimes.

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However, unlike this release, it was made in a systematic context To President Joe BidenThe day before.

Oh! I think he was a war criminalThe US president responded to a press conference on Wednesday, almost as if he were flying, on the sidelines of an event at the White House, before returning.

This is the first time he has gone so far in his critique of the Kremlin master.

So far, the White House and the State Department have unequivocally condemned Russia’s actions, while at the same time sounding the alarm. The two wanted to urge a State Department investigation to determine this, rather than carefully accusing Moscow of war crimes.

The Russian offensive, which has entered its fourth week, is also in the crosshairs of several national and international criminal authorities. Including the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Canada is one of more than 30 countries He asked International Penal Court Russia’s actions should be investigated.

German and Spanish courts have opened hearings on possible war crimes committed by Russian troops under the global jurisdiction.

Human rights groups Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have also documented bombings of civilians, the use of cluster munitions, those banned by the Oslo Accords, and thermophilic weapons.

Blingen is terribly frightened, Biden condemns a The murderous dictator

Despite direct talks between Ukrainian and Russian officials, Mr. Blinkan did not believe in the diplomatic outcome of this war and regretted the deficit.Significant effort From Moscow.

In Moscow, the Secretary of State also presented dark scenes that could sustain the continuation of the conflict.

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Using chemical weapons, Russia can throw responsibility on its neighbor and send more Mercenaries Remove Ukrainian territory or other Ukrainian authorities, he explained.

For his part, President Biden used the re-election of a Russian leader to attend a congressional event linked to St. Patrick’s Day.

[Plusieurs pays] United against a murderous dictator, a real thug waging an immoral war against the Ukrainian people.

A quote Joe Biden, President of the United States

A year ago, a few days later, in an interview with an ABC news anchor, Mr. Biden agreed without further explanation. Did he believe Vladimir Putin was a ‘killer’?.