January 27, 2023

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Uyghurs in Xinjiang | The extent of the repression emerged in broad daylight

Thousands of Chinese police files in Xinjiang were leaked to the media on Tuesday morning. The leak came on the day UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet began her visit to the Muslim province of the Middle Kingdom.

Released at 6:00 p.m.

Matthew Perrol

Matthew Perrol

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Nearly 3000 photos of prisoners. More than 450 lists of 250,000 citizens or 12% of the population of a district in Xinjiang detained in different “re-education centers”. Dozens of photos of everyday life in these centers, as well as police procedures controlling inmates, have police officers armed to the teeth. Documents released Tuesday by the Communist Memorial (VOC) victimized by the US NGO, which contains internal speeches of communist leaders in Xinjiang, show the extent of repression in Xinjiang. “These are no longer satellite photos, but real evidence of those who have been imprisoned for years because they are believers,” said General Mehmet Tohdi, director of the Uighur Rights Protection Program (URAP) in Ottawa. “This is evidence of crimes against humanity. The leak was not an accident: Mr. The documents have been in circulation for more than four months, according to Dohti.

Quotes from two leaked documents

Since last year, more than 20,000 dangerous terrorist gangs have been wiped out, a total of 5.5 times over the past ten years.

Zhao Kezhi, Chinese Minister of Public Defense, during his visit to Xinjiang in 2018

The bottom of a leak

According to Guy Saint-Jacques, Canada’s former ambassador to China, the leak simply reflects the quality of the contacts of Adrian Jens, a German cynologist who has worked for many years in Uyghur for the VOC. “He often goes to China and speaks Mandarin. But it may also reflect divisions within the Communist Party of China (CCP). Some do not believe that turning against minorities over the past decade is the right strategy. Others do not accept that Xi Jinping will remain in power for more than ten years, which is usually the case after Mao. Leakage may be an attempt to weaken Xi. ⁇

A visit to Xinjiang

Former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet was shown the Chinese green light for her visit to Xinjiang in early January, when a highly critical statement from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is due to be released. “At the time, we were talking about the questions journalists were going to ask at the Olympics,” Saint-Jacques said. Maybe there was an exchange, and we recognized M’s arrivalMe Bachelet if the release of the report occurs after the Olympics. Foreign journalists could not go with Mr.Me Bachelet. “The Chinese are the champions of Botemkin’s arrival. It will be interesting to see if she has the honesty to admit that she could not verify the situation. I was reading an interview. South China Morning Post About his first meeting with the Chinese Foreign Minister. The minister said he had not been interviewed but had been asked to correct misinformation about Xinjiang. பயண No details of the itineraryMe Bachelet not disclosed. The New China News Agency quoted Ms.Me Bachelet praised China for its significant achievements in promoting economic and social development and the protection of human rights, according to the UN Unconfirmed Quote AFP.

Photo Associated Press

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet (second from left) holds a virtual meeting with Deputy Secretary of Defense Du Hongwei (seen on the right) in Guangzhou, China.

Postponed report

Dohti said the High Commission’s report was first released in September, but China was able to delay its release in January and later this summer. “I know he’s going to be very critical of China,” the Uyghur activist said. It would have been nice if M had gone outside before his arrival.Me Bachelet. Above all I fear this will help to make the statement illegal. ⁇

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Refugees from Ukraine

In recent weeks, Chinese diplomats have said in response to European criticism of Xinjiang that Europe is discriminating against refugees from Ukraine by opening its arms and jumping on the bandwagon of Muslims. Is the comparison correct? “This is typical of wolf fighters’ new foreign policy, where the Chinese, civilians and diplomats counter-attack when criticizing their country,” Saint-Jacques said. I had an exchange recently Zoom in Chinese and Canadian diplomats and Chinese have all said the same things over and over again that Canadians should stop being inferior to Americans. It’s not a conversation. Mr. He believes the reception given to Dohdi, the Ukrainians, shows that Canada can do much more for the Uyghurs.

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  • 12.8 million
    Number of Uyghurs in China according to China

    Source: Chinese Embassy in Canada

    More than 20 million
    Number of Uyghurs in China according to the World Uyghur Congress

    Source: World Uyghur Congress