September 30, 2022

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Venice mayor condemns “two idiots” for water skiing on Grand Canal

The mayor of Venice (Italy) condemned “two idiots” who filmed themselves water skiing on the Grand Canal on Wednesday, offering dinner to those who identify them.

Later, after his Twitter call went viral, Luigi Brugnaro announced that the two had been found and their boards confiscated. He added that they would be treated “appropriately”.

“Here are two arrogant idiots making a mockery of our city,” wrote Luigi Brugnaro, posting a video showing two young men on skis being towed by a speedboat on a canal in the Italian city’s most famous waterway. “I’ll serve dinner to those who recognize them!”

However, he appeared to acknowledge that he could do nothing to stop the two skiers, saying “there is an urgent need to give mayors more power for public safety.”

After becoming a ghost town during the lockdown due to COVID-19, Venice is once again attracting tourists from around the world and its canals are bustling with intense boat traffic, just as they were before the pandemic.

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