July 20, 2024

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Vladimir Putin: The passion of conspirators?

Vladimir Putin: The passion of conspirators?

The plot has been raging since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The opacity surrounding President Vladimir Putin’s personal life has led to many rumors about him. These stories, sometimes bizarre, continue to fascinate the public.

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Here are three principles that hold the web on the Kremlin’s strongman.

1. Putin the Vampire?

Conspiracy theorists believe that Vladimir Putin is a supernatural being. According to them, the strength of the Russian president does not come from his riding sessions, but from his immortality and ability to travel on time.

The Dailymail It is said that this theory spread when two photographs before 1920 and 1941 were circulated on social media.

Strangely we can see Russian soldiers who resemble the strong man of the Kremlin. According to Disclose.tv, some Internet users have used these images to show that the 70-year-old president is in fact a supernatural being who has lived on Earth for thousands of years.

Adherents of this doctrine believe that Vlad the Impaler, also known as Dracula, the prince of Wallachia, born in 1431, was in fact a Russian leader.

According to conspirators quoted by Buzzfeed, Vladimir Boudin lived under the features of Lisa Gerardini, a model of the Mona Lisa.

2. Not very sick

Magazine Newsweek Vladimir Putin’s health is said to be at the center of many debates within the US administration.

Some classified documents say the Russian president was treated for advanced stage cancer in April. The Kremlin strongman is also said to have been killed in an assassination attempt in March. These events make him paranoid and unpredictable.

However, this information is difficult to confirm because Vladimir Putin is so isolated.

Internet users believe that Vladimir Putin is very ill and will use stunt doubles instead of him in public events. According to the RTL, this theory will also be analyzed by the British Secret Service.

In fact, a source cited by a British newspaper The Daily Star He said there would have been an appearance instead of the president at the Victory Day parade in Moscow on May 9.

The same source said that if Vladimir Putin dies, the Kremlin will try to keep it secret for weeks.

3. One of the richest people in the world

Vladimir Putin’s personal fortune is the target of many speculations. Magazine Forbes He explored the matter and came up with three theories about the source of this wealth.

According to the first theory, Vladimir Putin will become rich thanks to blackmail.

The Forbes The Russian president says he has a habit of making “deals” with the country’s main oligarchy. The latter must make a choice: give Putin 50% of the wealth or lose everything by ending up in prison.

Vladimir Putin could have amassed $ 200 billion this way.

Another theory is that the head of the Russian Federation is the head of a mafia-like network. The Russian leader may have helped his relatives to become rich by giving them shares in companies. Alternatively, he may have received shares or bribes.

Each person close to Vladimir Putin will have between $ 500 million and $ 2 billion. According to this hypothesis, the fortunes of the Kremlin’s strongman are estimated at $ 130 billion.

According to the latest theory developed Forbes, Vladimir Poutine One would not be as rich as one might believe. It will be all window decoration. According to the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin will earn $ 140,000 in 2020.

Vladimir Putin will have three cars, a trailer and an apartment 74 m high2 And a garage. In addition to a luxurious residence located on the shores of the Black Sea, he also has an impressive collection of luxury watches. He is said to have several private jets that he uses as president.