February 22, 2024

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War in Ukraine | Biden says Russia is not close to using nuclear weapons

War in Ukraine |  Biden says Russia is not close to using nuclear weapons

(WASHINGTON) Joe Biden on Wednesday again criticized Russia’s suspension of participation in a key nuclear disarmament treaty, although he said there was no evidence Moscow was approaching the use of nuclear weapons.

“It’s a big mistake to have done it, it’s not very fair,” the US president said during an interview with ABC News in Poland, revising earlier comments before leaving for Washington.

However, he said he “didn’t see” any elements in the decision announced by President Vladimir Putin to indicate “he is considering using nuclear weapons or anything of that nature”.

Mr Biden said there was “no evidence” to establish a change in Russia’s nuclear policy.

Russia’s president said on Tuesday he would stop participating in a new Russia-US nuclear disarmament treaty, a decision approved by both houses of the Russian parliament on Wednesday and coordinated by Western powers.

However, the Russian Foreign Ministry clarified on Tuesday that Moscow will continue to respect the limits of its nuclear arsenal until the end of the treaty on February 5, 2026, even as it suspends a new start.

Joe Biden and his diplomatic chief, Anthony Blinken, have indicated that Washington is always ready to work with Moscow on this matter.

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