June 17, 2024

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Washington does not intend to “lose” Putin, Biden | Promises war in Ukraine

Washington does not intend to “lose” Putin, Biden |  Promises war in Ukraine

After a pathetic comment that some observers feared would escalate the war in Ukraine, Joe Biden sought to mitigate their meaning during a conference on the 2023 budget, during which questions were monopolized by his comments on Saturday.

He emphasized that the US was not in favor of regime change. I express a change, not then, not now [la] Politics The American, who was on his way to Moscow, explained that he had met a few hours earlier with Ukrainian refugees fleeing to Warsaw.

I expressed the moral outrage I felt at the way Putin behaved and the actions of this man.

A quote Joe Biden, President of the United States

Since Saturday, the Biden administration has tried to reduce the meaning of the remarks made during the US president’s speech, which is about half an hour dedicated to Western solidarity against Moscow, and was pronounced in Poland. Three day trip to Europe.

It was a short sentence that caught my attention and pushed the rest of the speech into the background: For God’s love, this man cannot rule!He shouted.

He abruptly left at the end of a teleprompter speech just hours after he met with Ukrainian refugees who had fled the horrors of the war unleashed by Moscow a month earlier.

I did not withdraw [mes paroles] And I did not apologizeDefended the U.S. president on Monday. I expressed my anger. [Vladimir Poutine] Should not last in powerHe added. You know, bad guys shouldn’t do bad things constantly. But that does not mean we have the basic principle to take any action to bring down Putin in any way.

My last wish is to engage in a ground war or a nuclear war with Russia.

A quote President Joe Biden

This is slander. This is slanderHe spoke of Vladimir Putin’s deadly war in the neighboring country. This is a wish above all else: he should not be in power. People like him should not run countries, but just because they do does not mean I can not express my anger.

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Russia’s offensive in Ukraine has created more than 3.8 million refugees, targeting civilian areas and infrastructure, according to a report drawn up by the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on Sunday. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights announced Monday that 1,151 civilians had been killed and 1,824 injured.

Last week, UNICEF added that half of Ukrainian children now have to seek refuge in other countries or move to other parts of the country.

Moscow’s actions are under the cross-chairs of many national and international criminal authorities due to serious allegations of war crimes. Including the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Biden underestimates the increased risk, Moscow accuses

Contrary to the arguments of American experts and politicians, Joe Biden has confirmed that he did not. All I hope his words cause seriousness.

When asked what the Russian president might think about this, he replied Teasing. He was going to do what he thought, period. He was not harmed by anyoneHe argued.

However, President Biden did not rule out a possible summit with his Russian allies. It depends on what he wants to talk abouthe said.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday that he would like to see Vladimir Putin visit the US network PBS. Warning And Completely unacceptableIn addition a Personal contempt.

It can not be decided by Biden.He told Reuters on Saturday. The President of Russia is elected by the Russians.

The two leaders did not speak after the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24. According to Washington Post, The two leaders of US and Russian diplomacy, Anthony Blinken and Sergei Lavrov, did not hold a telephone conversation. Recently, Pentagon leaders also tried in vain to reach out to their Russian counterparts.

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President Joe Biden, among others, recently called his Russian President Vladimir Putin a “war criminal.”

Photo: Canadian Press / AB / Mikhail Clementiev

Since Saturday, many analysts believe the initial statement of Joe Biden, who also called Vladimir Putin. ButcherIt only confirms Vladimir Putin’s view that the United States has long been a target of regime change, and some fear expansion.

French President Emmanuel Macron said Sunday Will not use[t] No. Words used by his US envoy in the hope of pacifying guns through diplomatic channels.

If we want to achieve this, we cannot resort to expansion in word or deed.He argued.

A few weeks ago, russologist Fiona Hill, a former adviser to the U.S. National Security Council, warned against rhetoric centering on the departure of the Russian president. Such a strategy would make him fight For his self-defense and lifeWhat will be How to deal with ChernobylHe spoke of the 1986 nuclear reactor accident.

It is not in vain that members of the Biden administration tried to retreat quickly.

The president’s argument is that Putin should not be allowed to wield power over his neighbors or the region. He did not talk about Putin’s power or regime change in RussiaA few minutes after Joe Biden’s speech in Warsaw, he backed an unnamed White House official.

We have no strategies for regime change in Russia or anywhere elseThe next day, for example, US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen said during a visit to Israel.

Two weeks ago, Joe Biden also spearheaded the White House damage control effort His Russian counterpart “War Criminal” was held almost in flight, His administration has so far knowingly adopted a warning tone since the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine. Only a few days later, the State Department officially assessed that Russia was committing war crimes in Ukraine.

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The day after his statement, Joe Biden said there were several countries United against a murderous dictator, a real thug waging an immoral war against the Ukrainian people.

His animosity towards the Kremlin master is nothing new. A year ago, Mr. Biden, when asked by an ABC news anchor what he had been asked in an interview, nodded without further explanation. If he believes that Vladimir Putin is a “killer”.

Joe Biden previously reported that he had spoken to Vladimir Putin during a meeting between the two in Moscow in 2011. I look you in the eye, I do not think you have a soul. He looked at me and smiled and replied, “We understand each other.”