July 23, 2024

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WhatsApp gives you up to 2 days to delete a message, instead of 1 hour

WhatsApp gives you up to 2 days to delete a message, instead of 1 hour

You sent a wildly inappropriate text to your friend, I don’t know, your boss? Now you have some extra time to save and delete the face – well, if you use WhatsApp, at least.

WhatsApp users now have just over two days after sending a message to delete it instead of just an hour, The company announced today.

To start using the new feature now, open the WhatsApp group or individual chat where you sent the message(s). Make sure to press and hold the content you want to get rid of, tap “delete,” Then select either “Delete for everyone” or Delete for me.

However, before you begin the process of deleting, be aware that there is a (minor) problem: all recipients must be Updated to the latest version of WhatsApp For this to actually work – and you won’t actually get a notification if the message is he did not do delete.

However, this could be a useful new feature that may help WhatsApp get a slight edge over Apple’s iMessage instant messaging service. After all, Apple still does not offer this capability and will only do so when its new iPhone, iPad and Mac operating systems are released, Maybe this fall.

For now, however, the iOS 16 beta only gives users two minutes to pull the plug — and as long as the recipients have downloaded the beta, too. And that, let’s face it, is not something you can count on.

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